About me

I'm a software engineer on the installer team at Red Hat. While I contribute to the installer itself and to a library for parsing installer kickstart files my principle focus is blivet, a library for managing storage. "Storage" in this context describes anything that holds the bytes on which data is stored permanently.

Open-source contributions

On GitHub, my user name is mulkieran . Most of my open-source contributions are listed there, although my contributions to cvechecker are not, because I did not contribute them via GitHub.

About six months after I started at Red Hat, I wrote an article about my experiences on the installer for "Women in Open Source Week". The article is available at http://opensource.com/business/14/2/observations-red-hat-software-engineer . Everything that I wrote in the article still seems correct to me, but I'm thinking a bit more about how software can be designed from the ground up to encourage contributions from stakeholders in the open-source community.

Working on blivet

Since I began working at Red Hat just about a year ago, the tasks to which I have devoted a significant chunk of time are:

Like all my colleagues I spend a fair amount of time in daily tasks related to product maintenance.

Blivet source is available on GitHub at https://github.com/dwlehman/blivet . The documentation is on ReadTheDocs at http://blivet.readthedocs.org/en/latest/ .